10 AI Headshot Statistics for 2024

May 20, 2024

In celebration of HeadshotPro's recent birthday, we’re opening up the curtain behind-the-scenes to reveal what the average AI headshot customer looks like, where they come from, and why they chose our AI-generated headshots instead of a local photographer.

HeadshotPro has generated over 12M+ AI headshots for 80,000+ happy customers.


But our photos didn’t always look this good. We’ve stayed glued to the bleeding edge of AI, constantly refining our models in pursuit of getting 1% better photos every day.

The quality of AI headshots in 2024 has gone way up


The most significant change in our quality came in March 2024, effectively marking the beginning of HeadshotPro 2.0. We’re proud to report customer satisfaction with HeadshotPro’s AI headshots is at a record high here in 2024.

💡 Fun fact: If all our customers from Florida went to Disney World together, they could ride the famous Space Mountain roller coaster at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for 43 hours straight of continuous riding!


What are the most common use cases for AI headshots?

Everyday we hear from dozens of customers who are kind enough to tell us why they've turned to HeadshotPro for their professional headshots.

Based on what they've told us, here are the most common use cases for AI headshots, according to our customers:

  • 25% of HeadshotPro customers report purchasing AI headshots to use on LinkedIn
  • 15% of HeadshotPro customers report purchasing AI headshots to use on company websites or other online profiles
  • 10% of HeadshotPro customers report purchasing AI headshots to use on their resume/CV

Secondary uses cases that we hear a fair bit include:

  • Professional profile pictures for internal company communication tools (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams)

  • Profile pictures for social media pictures (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Speaker bios for conferences and/or author bios for publications

  • Headshots for job applications or interviews

  • Photos to use on business cards


Who is purchasing the most AI headshots?

The answer to this question might surprise you!

The median age of a HeadshotPro user is 41 years old. Here’s how that breaks down by generation:

Millennial Generation

Ages 28 to 43 years old make up 61% of all AI headshot customers.

Generation X

Ages 44 to 59 years old make up 25% of all AI headshot customers.

Generation Z (The Zoomers)

Ages 12 to 27 years old make up 8% of all AI headshot customers.

Baby Boomers (The Boomers)

Ages 60 to 78 years old make up 5.5% of all AI headshot customers.

Generation Alpha:

Ages 12-18 years old make up 0.3% of all AI headshot customers.

The Silent Generation

Ages 79 or older make up 0.04% of all AI headshot customers.

Some of our all-time favorite customer reviews come from our wiser 65+ customers. Here’s one of our favorites:

"I needed some headshots for a retirement article that was being written by my employer. I did not have the time or the energy. I am glad that you did."


Which U.S. States Are Using AI Headshots?

💡 Fun fact: If each of our Georgia (GA) users represented a peach, they would weigh more than 38,720 pounds, or about 19 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of about 4 adult African elephants.

If we get crazy and look at which states paid for the most AI headshots, it looks like this:

  • 14% of our total customers come from California.
  • 11% of our total customers come from Texas.
  • 9% of our total customers come from Florida.

If we even things up for the smaller states and rank by total HeadshotPro users per 10,000 people, suddenly D.C, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware, New Jersey, Utah, and Georgia break into the top 10.

The States with The Most AI Headshot Customers per 10,000 People

Rank State Percentile
1 D.C. 100.0
2 Colorado 98.1
3 Florida 96.2
4 Massachusetts 94.3
5 Texas 92.5
6 New Hampshire 90.6
7 Delaware 88.7
8 New Jersey 86.8
9 Utah 84.9
10 Georgia 83.0
11 California 81.1
12 Washington 79.2
13 Arizona 77.4
14 Virginia 75.5
15 Connecticut 73.6
16 Rhode Island 71.7
17 Maryland 69.8
18 Nevada 67.9
19 Oregon 66.0
20 North Carolina 64.2
21 Minnesota 62.3
22 South Carolina 60.4
23 Hawaii 58.5
24 Idaho 56.6
25 Maine 54.7
26 North Dakota 52.8
27 Tennessee 50.9
28 Montana 49.1
29 Missouri 47.2
30 Pennsylvania 45.3
31 Nebraska 43.4
32 Alaska 41.5
33 Wyoming 39.6
34 Michigan 37.7
35 Ohio 35.8
36 Kansas 34.0
37 Oklahoma 32.1
38 Arkansas 30.2
39 New Mexico 28.3
40 Wisconsin 26.4
41 Indiana 24.5
42 Vermont 22.6
43 Alabama 20.8
44 Iowa 18.9
45 Kentucky 17.0
46 Louisiana 15.1
47 West Virginia 13.2
48 South Dakota 11.3
49 Virgin Islands 9.4
50 Mississippi 7.5
51 New York 5.7
52 Illinois 3.8
53 Puerto Rico 1.9
54 Guam 0.0

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