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The Best Model Headshots Taken at Home

Need model headshots on the cheap without leaving the house? We've got exactly what you need. Take a peek at the modeling headshots you can get without an expensive camera or local photographer.

Need model headshots on the cheap without leaving the house? We've got exactly what you need. Take a peek at the modeling headshot examples you can get without an expensive camera or local photographer, at the bottom of this page.

Can you take modeling headshots at home?

Taking your modeling headshots at home can feel a bit like being the only kid who brings a packed lunch to school. With everyone around you spending their parent's money on pizza slices and fizzy soda, it's easy to feel like your ham sandwich and grape-flavored Kool-Aid Jammer are... lacking something.

Looking back now, as adults, we can see packed lunches are actually quite honorable. A frugal choice that results in the same outcome as the expensive alternative: it gets some food in our bellies so we can get back to playing with our friends.

Taking a model headshot at home may be an unsexy "packed lunch" type of decision for you. But it might also make a lot of financial sense if you're just starting your career.

The reality is that smartphone cameras have closed the gap on expensive professional photography equipment by such a significant margin, you no longer need to 'know a guy who knows a guy' to get your modeling portfolio headshots done at a discount.

Model poses in navy dress for photo

This service saved me a LOT of time and money. - Agnew, HeadshotPro customer

Are professionally done headshots for modeling worth it?

Yes. Absolutely. No question.

What did you expect us to say?

If you have a few hundred dollars to spend on a local headshot photographer, the free time to physically meet them at their studio, and the energy to complete a full shoot with multiple clothing options and post-shoot edits, taking advantage of a professional photographer will always be a great choice.

The point we want to make today is that it's not your only option. You might live in a smaller city with few truly great photographers. Maybe your budget doesn't allow for a luxury purchase like modeling headshots right now.

Professionally done modeling headshots can be worth the cost.

But if that cost is out of reach for you, there are now more affordable ways to get your model headshots, including a new method that just became available this year.

Woman in white button up shirt models for headshot photo

I needed headshots without planning, and the time and cost of acquiring them. - Lexy, HeadshotPro customer

Can I take model headshots with my iPhone?

There are challenges involved with producing a professional looking headshot at home using only an iPhone. But yes—the tiny handheld computer with an excellent camera that you bring with you everywhere is absolutely capable!

Be skeptical of any gatekeeping photographers who claim otherwise. Much like asking a barber if you need a haircut, professional photographers have a clear incentive to tell you that your iPhone camera isn't good enough for taking modeling headshots.

After all, what is a model headshot other than a really great photo? The steps for taking a great model headshot at home are just about the same as the steps for taking great photos in general.

How build your model headshot portfolio with an iPhone

Here are a handful of the most important factors to account for when shooting your own modeling photoshoot at home with your iPhone:

Take time to prepare

You look your best when you're well-rested and relaxed. It's not a bad idea to spend a week eating healthy, getting some sun on your skin, and getting a few workouts in to ensure your body is happy with you.

Lighting. Lighting? Lighting!

Undeniably a core tenant of all great photos, you'll want to be extremely mindful of the lighting in your shoot.

Pose like a natural

Appearing comfortable on camera is a requirement for all modeling headshots. Look a little awkward in the first 100 photos? Shoot 100 more!

Dress appropriately

What you wear is entirely dependent on the purpose of your modeling portfolio. You wouldn't wear a bikini to audition for a church commercial, right?

Keep your audience in mind

Who will be looking at your photos and what will they be looking for?

Take 100 more photos

Your photoshoot doesn't have to limited to a single day. Try taking photos on different days and compare them to see which ones are best. Take a look at the model headshot examples at the bottom of this page for inspiration.

Transform your selfies into professional headshots

There's a third way to getting your modeling headshots, aside from hiring a local photographer or taking your headshots yourself, that you might not be too familiar with considering it's still relatively cutting-edge.

Early adopters are seeing incredible results using AI headshot generators to produce professional photos for LinkedIn, corporate headshots, and yes, modeling headshots too.

Smiling blonde woman photographed in cafe

[HeadshotPro] saved me time and money. I did not have to go shopping for an outfit or sit through a photo session. - Tallena, HeadshotPro customer

How do AI headshot generators work?

HeadshotPro delivers your completed professional headshots only 2 hours after you submit your selfies. Here's how it works:

1. Choose your backdrops and clothing 👚

Don't worry about what you have in your wardrobe. We have a wide variety of backdrops to choose from, in combination with a variety of clothing.

2. Upload your selfies 🤳

Upload your selfies to the platform. We recommend taking the selfies against a plain background, with good lighting and a natural smile. The better quality selfies you upload, the better quality of headshots you'll get back.

3. Download your favorite headshots ❤️

You can expect 3-6 incredible profile-worthy headshots from your order—but we let you see the entire batch, so you can decide on the keepers yourself.

AI-generated headshots are cheaper than using a local photographer and produce higher quality headshots than your iPhone. It's an affordable option to try for yourself at only $29-$49 for 40-240 headshots.

Modeling Headshots Made by HeadshotPro

In case you didn't realize, all the modeling headshot examples included in this article are AI-generated headshots of real HeadshotPro customers, used with their permission.

Ready to generate your own headshots? Click here to get started. In the meantime, here are more headshot examples by HeadshotPro.

Woman with red hair and blue eyes poses poses for an outdoor photo during autumn Outdoor backdrops with natural lighting always look great.

Model wearing silver dress poses for photo in front of a mansion Clothing options range all the way from casual to professional to classy, so you don't have to worry about what to wear in your model headshots.


One of the best parts about using HeadshotPro is that we'll always get your best angle, under the best lighting possible.

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