API Documentation (WIP)

API Reference


HeadshotPro uses API keys to allow access to the API.

All API requests on HeadshotPro are scoped to an Organization. A unique API key can be generated by Team Owners at www.headshotpro.com/app/admin/api.

HeadshotPro expects the API key to be included in all API requests to the server in a header that looks like the following:

Authorization: Bearer API_KEY

All request bodies need to be valid JSON

API Endpoints

All HeadshotPro endpoints start with https://server.headshotpro.com/api/v1/

We're working hard on adding new endpoints. Reach out to our support to make a request.

Current available endpoints:

Check credits

Returns the amount of available credits your organization has.

POST: https://server.headshotpro.com/api/v1/organization/credits

Invite a team member

Consumes a credit to invite a team member. An email will be send to the email with further instructions.

POST: https://server.headshotpro.com/api/v1/organization/invite


RESPONSE: { success: true, input: { email: EMAIL_ADDRESS }, message: "Invite sent", link: https://www.headshotpro.com/auth/signup?invite=[UNIQUE_ID], id: [UNIQUE_ID]}

(Credits are only consumed when a a team member uploads their photos)

Revoke an invite

POST: https://server.headshotpro.com/api/v1/organization/invite/revoke


Get invite

Gets the details of an invite

GET: https://server.headshotpro.com/api/v1/organization/invite/id/[UNIQUE_ID]

RESPONSE: { "success": true, "invite": { "email": "email@address.com", "status": "pending-invite"}

status could be either of the following: 'pending-invite', 'revoked', 'waiting-for-upload', 'active', 'generating-headshots', 'deleted'

If user has used the invite, the returned email in the response will be their active email, not the email that you used to invite them.