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Professional Corporate Headshots Made with AI (from $39)

Corporate headshots changed forever in 2023. Read on to learn about the cost of corporate headshots, and how to get your own professional headshots done in just 2 hours (without leaving your home).

Corporate business headshots got a whole lot cheaper thanks to AI. Read on to learn about the cost of corporate headshots, and find how to get your own professional headshots done in just 2 hours (without leaving your home).

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Yes. You need a corporate headshot for work.

It’s 2023—having a professional headshot is table stakes.

✅ LinkedIn profile picture.

✅ Gmail profile picture.

✅ Slack profile picture.

✅ The ‘Team’ page on your company website.

✅ Your email signature.

Spend 5 minutes with a professional headshot photographer and they’ll be sure to rattle off all the reasons why investing in corporate headshots gives you a little extra oomph.

The oomph — a very serious technical term—translates to the added vote of confidence your potential customers and clients feel when they see the faces behind your company, who they’ll be trusting with their hard-earned money to deliver a product or service.

The presence of a professional headshot removes a negative signal.

Business man poses for headshot photo A real corporate headshot generated by HeadshotPro.

Your potential customers are constantly searching for red flags and reasons not to trust you. They’re not pessimists, it’s just human nature. Before you can convince a complete stranger to pay you, you need to get them to trust you.

Professional headshots of your core team signal to your customers (and your competitors) that you’re here to stay. Not to mention, it feels great to see the best version of yourself in a photo.

Until recently, this meant finding the right local photographer, booking an appointment, getting dressed up, and pulling your team out of work to get their portraits done.

Go ahead and multiply that inconvenience by 100 if you’re a remote team.

Now, thanks to a recent advance in technology, your company has options. Let’s go over those options now.

Where can you get modern corporate headshots?

You have 3 options to choose from for getting high quality corporate headshots in 2023.

Find a local corporate headshot photographer

The traditional way to get your headshot done—go see a photographer! Unless you live in a small town you’re likely to find a couple professional photographers within a 30 minute drive from your home.

You’ll want to put them through a vetting process first: ask to see specific examples of headshot photography they’ve done in the past. Be specific as possible about what you’re looking for, what you're hoping to accomplish with your headshot, and check to see what kind of backdrops are available.

Some photographers may even offer a small wardrobe of clothes you can wear during your shoot. Finally, ask about how many photos you’ll be able to take home when the shoot is complete.

We’ve read that most headshot photoshoots will return between 20-30 images for you to choose from. The shoot itself may take between 15-30 minutes but you’ll likely have to wait a few days on top of that, so the photographer can touch up your photos using photo editing software.

Use a virtual headshot service

Virtual headshot services have been around for quite a while now but remain relatively under the radar.

Do you know what a virtual headshot is?

Getting a virtual headshot essentially involves taking a selfie of yourself using an editor-friendly backdrop, sending that photo to somebody who is a professional photo editor, then said editor will do their best to make your photo appear as professional as possible.

Because you don’t have to make an appointment or leave the comfort of your home, the turnaround time for receiving your virtual headshot is much faster than using a photographer. Unfortunately, the cost of a virtual headshot service (on a per-photo basis) can actually be higher than using a photographer, because the process of editing your photos requires a photo editing professional.

Corporate woman poses for headshot Another example of a real customer corporate headshot generated by HeadshotPro.

Try an AI-powered headshot generator

The fastest and cheapest way to get your professional headshots done, AI-powered headshot generators have gained a ton of momentum over the past year.

Using an AI headshot app is very similar to using a virtual headshot service: you take several selfies in front of a well-lit backdrop, upload your selfies inside the application, and wait as your ordinary selfies are transformed into corporate headshots you can use in a professional work environment.

Where we see AI start to separate itself from the other options is in the cost and turnaround time. Another nice bonus is the quantity of headshots you get back. Although professional headshot generators like HeadshotPro only promise 3-6 profile-worthy headshots in each order, you’ll be able to sort through dozens, or even hundreds, of generated headshots to choose your personal favorites.

A traditional headshot photography studio

Which option should I choose for my corporate headshots?

The right option for you and your business will come down to your budget, available free time, and whether your company is remote or not.

Assuming unlimited budget, unlimited time, and a non-remote work environment, we recommend finding a local headshot photographer that can show up to your place of work and provide a hands-on photoshoot experience for you and your employees.

How much does a corporate headshot photographer cost?

⏰ Total time required: 2-3 days

💰 Total cost: ~$100-$250, for a basic headshot deal

The process:

  • Vet local corporate photographers, check portfolios, and find out which ones produce work that resembles what you’re looking for.
  • Contact your chosen photographer on a business day, during business hours, and hope that their schedule aligns with your office hours.
  • Hope you’re feeling photogenic! Time to leave the office, drive to the photo studio, take your photos for 15-30 minutes, then head back to the office to get some work done before the day ends.
  • Wait for the photographer to get to your finalizing touch ups.
  • Refresh your email until the photos finally arrive, at which point you can finally upload your new corporate portraits to LinkedIn.

How much do corporate headshots done by AI cost?

⏰ Total time required: ~2 hours

💰 Total cost: $29-$49 for 40-240 headshots

Your new headshots are only 3 steps away:

  1. Upload selfies taken against a plain background, with good lighting and a natural smile.
  2. Wait approximately 2 hours.
  3. Download your 3-6 favorite headshots from the 40-240 high-resolution, studio-quality photos.

The bottom line:

  • Large companies working from fixed locations may be unbothered by the higher corporate headshot pricing demanded by headshot photographers.
  • Remote companies and individuals may appreciate the (1) lower cost and more importantly (2) the minimal time investment involved with generating headshots with HeadshotPro.
  • You won’t be able to lean on a veteran photographer's years of experience if you use an AI headshot generator like HeadshotPro. But you’ll get your headshots in about 2 hours, without heaving to leave your house.

The more distributed or remote your team is, the less viable a local photographer becomes. Remote teams seeking professional headshots are left with two options: virtual headshots or AI-generated headshots.

The workspace of a virtual headshot photographer

How to generate corporate headshots with HeadshotPro

It takes only a few steps to go from reading this article to downloading your new professional corporate headshots. Here’s what those steps look like:

1. Select your style

Choose the style of headshot that best represents the look you’re going for.

HeadshotPro backdrop options

2. Upload your selfies

After extensive testing we’ve found 17 selfies is the perfect number for producing headshots that genuinely look like you. After uploading your selfies, it takes about 2 hours for your headshots to be generated.

Uploading selfies to HeadshotPro

💡Pro tip: The quality of your headshots will be dramatically higher if you take your selfies against a plain background, with good lighting and a natural smile.

3. Pick your keepers

After just 2 hours, your headshots will be ready! You can expect 3-6 incredible profile-worthy headshots from your order—but we let you see the entire batch, so you can decide on the keepers yourself.

The best photo from a selection of AI headshot photos

Pretty simple, right?

With AI, the bigger your team, the cheaper your corporate headshots

We offer big discounts for teams of 5+ members and massive discounts of up to 50% off for teams of 50+ people.

Setup only takes a few minutes, and we’ll send you the completed corporate headshots for your entire team just 2 hours after each member submit their selfies.

Corporate headshot pricing Calculate how much it would cost your team here.

The problem with AI generated headshot photos

Using an AI headshot generator like HeadshotPro is the fastest and cheapest way to get a new corporate style headshot—but what are the downsides of using AI?

Strange photos

Ever been curious what you would look like with a few extra fingers? AI models have been known to occasionally add a few extra digits to hands, or even a few extra limbs!

Thankfully, due to extensive fine-tuning and focusing exclusively on headshot photography, we produce much less of these bloopers than similar AI photo tools. But don’t be shocked if 1-2 of your photos from a larger order come out a little strange!

We promise that you’ll find 3-6 profile-worthy headshots in every HeadshotPro order.

Shady companies

Your photos are personal things. Before you upload selfies to an AI headshot generator, make sure you do your research into their privacy policy. Specifically, you’ll want to check how long they keep your photos for, what they use your photos for, and whether or not there’s an option for you to self-delete your photos from their servers whenever you want.

Just so you know, here’s how HeadshotPro stacks up against those questions:

  • We store your selfies for up to 7 days, and your headshot results for up to 30 days
  • We don’t use your selfies for anything other than training the AI model used to produce your custom headshots
  • We'll erase all your data instantly if you press the ‘Delete’ button in your account settings

Lack of resemblance

Will your AI-generated headshots even look like you? It depends, and it’s partially within your control.

The quality of your headshots will be significantly increased if you take your selfies against a plain background, with good lighting and a natural smile. After producing nearly 6 million headshots for 36,221+ happy customers, we’ve learned that the selfies you upload have a massive impact on the level of resemblance in your headshots.

The second variable responsible for determining resemblance is the AI model being used. Every company will tell you their model is the best. We’ll tell you we employ AI engineers whose sole job is to optimize the quality of our AI-generated headshots. We only do headshots—nothing else! There aren’t many AI companies able to match that claim.

Corporate Headshot Photo Examples (by HeadshotPro)

Each of the headshots below were generated for real HeadshotPro customers and shared with their permission.

Believe it or not, each of these professional looking headshots were created by HeadshotPro—not a “real” photographer.

Corporate headshot taken by AI

I tested your competitors and their quality was terrible. You have the best trained AI model for this task. - Michael

Woman wearing corporate clothing poses for headshot

I was able to get a good selection of AI generated professional looking head shots with about 30 minutes of effort and $40 invested. - Elizabeth

Real estate agent poses for corporate headshot

I'm a real estate agent and needed some new headshots. This saved me time and money! - Andrew

Jose in his AI generated corporate headshot

I needed a corporate photo for my profile and I got it this way. - Jose


You provided me with a headshot that has gained a lot of compliments. - Jason

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