HeadshotPro Affiliate Program

We take their headshots. You take 20%.

Introduce your audience, friends, and family to our professional AI-generated headshots and we’ll pay you a 20% commission for each person who becomes a paying customer.

Your audience may want to know…

  • HeadshotPro has generated over 7 million professional headshots for 44,176 customers.
  • We share examples of real headshots made for paying customers (with their permission) on our headshot examples page.
  • Every purchase is covered by our 14-day profile-worthy money back guarantee.

You’re a perfect match to promote HeadshotPro if…

  • Your audience understands the positive impact investing in their personal branding can have on their career.
  • Your audience includes LinkedIn users, freelancers, business owners, remote workers, or anyone who uses a profile picture at work.
  • You create content around professional development, career advancement, or personal branding.

HeadshotPro affiliate program details

Take a 20% commission. You’ll earn a minimum of $5.80 per paying customer you refer.

We use a 30-day cookie. That means you’ll get credited for a commission even if the person who clicks your link waits up to 30 days to complete their purchase.

We pay you every month. Collect your minimum payment of $50 on the first of the month, every month.

  • Refer 1 person and earn up to $9.80
  • Refer 5 people and earn up to $49
  • Refer 10 people and earn up to $98
  • Refer 50 people and earn up to $490
  • Refer 100 people and earn up to $980

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