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Discover top headshot photography studios in Uppsala, a picturesque city with a rich history, situated on the banks of the Fyris River in Sweden. This vibrant cultural hub boasts a prestigious university, stunning architecture, and enchanting parks. Alternatively, explore the cutting-edge AI-generated headshot services provided by HeadshotPro. Compare your options and choose the perfect headshot solution tailored to your needs.

#1 Photographer Lisbet Spörndly

Address: Furugatan 7, 753 24 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly | Fotograf i Uppsala | Lisbet Spörndly, a top-rated photography studio located in Furugatan 7, 753 24 Uppsala, Sweden. With a 5-star rating and 49 glowing reviews, this studio is renowned for creating a safe, loving, and creative space for clients to truly express themselves in front of the camera. Lisbet's professional skills and passion help clients to feel comfortable and confident while capturing their true essence in vibrant and stunning portraits. Clients rave about how Lisbet understands their needs and makes the entire process enjoyable, from the initial consultation to the fun and relaxed photo shoot. She has been commended for her ability to make people feel beautiful and seen, resulting in high-quality images that clients are proud to use for professional and personal purposes. Whether you're an author in need of a captivating portrait or a lecturer requiring updated profile pictures, Lisbet Spörndly's photography studio is the place to go. You'll leave feeling high on joy and positive energy, like so many satisfied clients before you! So, don't hesitate to book your session at this top-notch studio and enjoy a truly exceptional photography experience with Lisbet.

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I needed to update my photo archive with both some personal portraits and other images that can illustrate what I do and...

Pernilla Alexandersson

I contacted Lisbet because I needed new profile pictures, which as a lecturer I need at regular intervals. Even the proc...

My Gross Föreläsare

Lisbet created a safe, loving, playful and creative space for me to really dare to show myself. I could suddenly face my...

Maria Mondiamo

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#2 Fototorget i Uppsala

Address: Vaksalagatan 30, 753 31 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Hem - Fototorget, a top-notch photography studio located at Vaksalagatan 30, 753 31 Uppsala, Sweden. Boasting an impressive 4.9 stars from 39 reviews, our clients consistently rave about our fast, professional, and friendly service. From knowing the specific preferences for various embassies' passport photos to helping customers find the perfect size for their needs, our staff goes above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Not only do we offer the best prices for passport pictures in Uppsala, but our wonderful service and warm hospitality create an enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our convenient location and personable staff make Hem - Fototorget the go-to photography shop for all your needs. Don't just take our word for it - visit us today and experience the exceptional service and affordable prices that our clients love.

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Fast, professional and friendly! The staff even knew the special preferences for passport photos that my ambassy has.

Stephan Spengler

Super nice and helpful staff! I had some problems finding the right size for my passport picture and the guy was so nice...

Barbara Magalhães Teixeira

Wonderful service, the owner of the shop who was working there at the time really knows how to put a smile on your face....

Esbjörn Falk

#3 Engstream

Address: Salabacksgatan 25 Källaringång (trappan t h, 754 32 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Engstream, the highly-rated photography studio of Oscar Engström, located in the beautiful city of Uppsala, Sweden. Our address is Salabacksgatan 25 Källaringång (trappan t h, 754 32 Uppsala), where we have been proudly serving our clients with stunning photography services for various occasions. With a perfect rating of 5 stars based on 35 rave reviews, Engstream is among the best photography studios in the area. Our clients have consistently praised the amazing and professional photos captured by Oscar, especially during momentous events like weddings and pregnancies. Our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere helps even the most camera-shy clients feel at ease during their photoshoots. In addition to our excellent photography, Engstream offers beautiful dresses for clients to borrow, ensuring a perfect look for every photoshoot. We have received numerous compliments on our ability to capture precious moments like baby portraits and family photos, thanks to Oscar's patience, calm demeanor, and skilled photography. Whether you are looking for portrait photography, family photos, or a wedding photographer, Engstream has you covered. Book with us today for a memorable experience and beautiful photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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5/5! Amazing and professional photographer who made sure to capture our wedding in the best way possible! Still amazed o...

Estelle Gustafsson

I had my pregnancy photoshoot with Oscar and am very pleased with how the photos turned out! It felt relaxed and comfort...

natasha Nastaj

We are very satisfied with our photography at Oscar's. Oscar is nice and easy going and the kids had a great time. But a...

Mathias Johansson

#4 Chaiko & Markstedt Photography

Address: Berthågavägen 3, 752 60 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Chaiko & Markstedt - Fotograf i Uppsala och hela Sverige: a 5-star-rated photography studio located in Berthågavägen 3, 752 60 Uppsala, Sweden. Specializing in a variety of photography styles, this talented duo captures stunning portraits, weddings, maternity, children, and family photos both indoors and outdoors throughout Sweden. Additionally, they offer corporate portraits, business photography, as well as aerial drone photography and videography. With over 24 glowing reviews, clients rave about the professionalism, warmth, and exceptional results provided by the talented photographers, Lena and Yura. Praised for their ability to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, they ensure each session captures the unique essence and chemistry of their subjects. They also offer helpful tips on posing, making the experience enjoyable even for those who are new to professional photography sessions. Although some clients mention a few limitations with the online platform for accessing and sharing photos, the overall experience with Chaiko & Markstedt is highly recommended. For a personalized, passionate, and memorable photography experience, book your next session with Chaiko & Markstedt.

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Just the right people to have on your special day! It was a pleasure to have Lena and Yura shoot our wedding. The firs...

Devesh Gadkari

The photographers and studio were both extremely professional and very welcoming. Booked a family shoot with small kids...

Jasmin Ericsson

We used C&M for a set of family portraits. We had one hour in their private and comfortable studio and were given plenty...

Brendan Viggers

#5 Johan Dirfors Photography

Address: Råbyvägen 55A, 754 29 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Fotograf Uppsala & Stockholm | Johan Dirfors, a distinguished photography studio located at Råbyvägen 55A, 754 29 Uppsala, Sweden. Specializing in various fields such as architecture, portrait, and advertisement photography, Johan creates stylish, elegant, and timeless aesthetics in every project. With a perfect rating of 5 stars and 10 outstanding reviews, Johan has consistently delivered high-quality results and ensured client satisfaction. Johan's work was instrumental in capturing important moments at West Pride 2022, where he showcased his creativity, responsiveness, and calm demeanor. As a trusted partner, he has also worked on numerous residential photography projects, providing ingenious ideas and solutions. His exceptional services have been appreciated by clients, such as Reveny Mäkleri and Martinez General Contractors & Properties, solidifying his reputation as a world-class photographer. Get in touch with Fotograf Uppsala & Stockholm | Johan Dirfors today to collaborate on capturing timeless moments and creating remarkable visual stories.

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Johan jumped in as a photographer at West Pride 2022. His good values ​​were noticeable throughout the work process and...

Naida Izic

We did a job with Johan where we took studio pictures before a hairdressing competition. He is easy to work with, respon...

Simon Wikström

Johan has photographed homes and made residential films for us at Reveny Mäkleri for many years, always with brilliant r...

Ulrika Zieba

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Professional headshots are essential. But getting the right one can be tough. HeadshotPro uses AI to generate over 120+ professional headshots for you or your team to choose from in minutes.

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  • From $29
  • No need for any physical shoot
  • Indistinguishable from real photos