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Discover the top headshot photography studios in Stavanger, a vibrant city on the southwest coast of Norway, known for its stunning fjords, lively cultural scene, and rich maritime history. Immerse yourself in the charm of this coastal gem. Alternatively, explore the cutting-edge AI-generated headshot service provided by HeadshotPro. Compare and choose the perfect headshot solution that fits your needs seamlessly.

#1 Nino Felbab Photography

Address: Solsletteveien 25F, 4019 Stavanger, Norway

Welcome to Family Photography | Stavanger | www.felbabphotography.com - your go-to family photographer to capture those precious moments in Stavanger and the Rogaland area. Offering a range of photography services, including wedding photography, portraits, and children photography, Nino Felbab Photography has garnered a perfect 5-star rating based on 14 satisfied client reviews. Located at Solsletteveien 25F, 4019 Stavanger, Norway, our studio prides itself on professionalism, excellent composition skills, and creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere during photo shoots. Clients have praised Nino for being efficient, accommodating to short notice requests, and delivering high-quality photos. He is highly recommended for professional shots, particularly for musicians and other ensembles. Experience the exceptional service, stunning photos, and cherished memories by booking a session with Nino today. Let our portfolio of happy clients and beautiful images speak for themselves at Family Photography | Stavanger | www.felbabphotography.com.

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Had sessions with Nino several times. Very professional and great understanding of composing of pictures, very nice guy....

Ingrid Åhlander

Ensemble Oslo415 would like to recommend Nino as a great photographer. Nice, efficient, professional, relaxed and nice a...

Ingrid Bennett

We had so great experience with Nino , we do outdoor and indoor photo shouting so perfect 🤩 10/10

Slavica Stojanova

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#2 Frida Nolin Photography

Address: Solakrossen 2, 4050 Sola, Norway

Welcome to Hjem - Frida Nolin, a highly-rated photography studio located at Solakrossen 2, 4050 Sola, Norway. Specializing in newborn, child, and family photography, this studio also offers services for celebrations such as confirmations and captures precious moments during pregnancy. Known for their artistic portraits, the talented photographers at Hjem - Frida Nolin have a keen eye for capturing genuine warmth in their images. With a 4.7-star rating from 13 reviews, clients rave about the amazing photos and the professional, warm, and respectful photographers. The welcoming atmosphere and attention to detail make every photography session a delightful experience. Whether you're looking to capture a special milestone or simply want beautiful portraits of your loved ones, Hjem - Frida Nolin is highly recommended for anyone in the Stavanger, Rogaland, Sola, and Sandnes areas. Experience the magic of their photography and treasure memories that will last a lifetime.

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She is an absolutely amazing photographer! So professional, warm, respectful, relaxing, efficient and, of course, AMAZIN...

Michaela Stokkeland

Is welcoming and a very good photographer. Made us feel welcome and made plans with us so we agreed what to do. If we ha...

elisabeth tollefsen

I was able to take the most beautiful photos of my confirmand ❤ Extremely pleased 🤩

Åshild Håland

#3 Bitmap AS

Address: Ryfylkegata 22, 4014 Stavanger, Norway

Bitmap: Leverandør av Film, Print, Messestand i Stavanger av is a highly rated photography studio in Stavanger, Norway, offering a wide range of services to cater to all your media needs. Located at Ryfylkegata 22, 4014 Stavanger, this versatile studio has a 4.8 rating with 6 glowing reviews, showcasing their high-quality work and professionalism. As a multivisual company, Bitmap specializes in services such as photography, film production, large-format printing, signage, exhibition solutions, repro, scanning, floor decals, and protective screens. One of their satisfied customers highly recommends them for large prints over 150 cm, emphasizing their excellent delivery and expertise. With their team of skilled professionals, you can be confident that Bitmap has the experience and know-how to bring your vision to life, making them the go-to choice for all your creative projects in Stavanger.

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Delivered very good print i order and recommand them for large print over 150 cm.

Ole Henrik Kalviknes

The best

Jose M. Pérez

Professional and skilled.

Magnus Øgård Meisal

#4 Sandnes fotograf | Photographer in Sandnes | Photo studio Sandnes

Address: Daleveien 594, 4329 Sandnes, Norway

Welcome to Klistro Fotografi, where we create images, and the images create memories. Located at Daleveien 594, 4329 Sandnes, Norway, our studio is committed to making every moment unique and special, ensuring that your memories are always beautiful and true. With a philosophy that everything is unique and special, our dedicated photographers, Kostas and Ehy, passionately capture the essence of each individual and event. Our 5-star rating is backed by numerous glowing reviews from satisfied clients who have experienced Klistro Fotografi's professionalism, expert knowledge, and friendly attitude. From personal photoshoots to large-scale event coverage, our talented photographers work closely with clients, listening to their needs and adding a touch of visual magic to create stunning results. Whether you're looking to promote your work as an artist, capture memories from a special event, or simply enjoy a personalized photoshoot experience, Klistro Fotografi has the expertise and passion to help you achieve your goals. Come visit us at our studio in Sandnes and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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How do I give Klistro more than 5 stars??? It's hard to express in words how amazing Klistro are -- as a persons & as a...

Kiril Kutin

The photo shoot with Eva Iliadis and Kostantinos Adamis in their studio was for more than 5 stars in the evaluation. I r...

Michail Primikiris

I have been involved in Fotograf Klistro photo and video shoots and can vouch for their professionalism, expert knowledg...

Wendy Pagler

#5 Studio Egna Photography

Address: Støperigata 34, 4014 Stavanger, Norway

Welcome to Egna Photography, a top-rated photography studio located at Støperigata 34, 4014 Stavanger, Norway. With a perfect 5-star rating and 4 glowing reviews, Egna Photography is known for its exceptional service and professionalism in capturing stunning portraits and fashionable shots. Clients have highly recommended the studio for its skilled photographers who make every shoot a unique and memorable experience. Discover the magic of Egna Photography and be a part of the 100% recommended community today.

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Very good and professional photographer. Kindly recommended this studio for your portrait or fashion shoot!

Katarzyna Kawa-Gryka

Recommend 100%

Tadas Valusaitis

Anisa Micle

Need your professional headshots today?

Professional headshots are essential. But getting the right one can be tough. HeadshotPro uses AI to generate over 120+ professional headshots for you or your team to choose from in minutes.

  • Ready in hours, not days
  • From $29
  • No need for any physical shoot
  • Indistinguishable from real photos