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Discover the top headshot photography studios in the charming city of Salzburg, known for its baroque architecture, stunning alpine surroundings, and as the birthplace of Mozart. This picturesque Austrian city provides a perfect backdrop for professional headshots. Alternatively, explore the cutting-edge AI-generated headshot services provided by HeadshotPro. Weigh up your choices and find the perfect headshot solution to meet your needs.

#1 Memories Photography Familienfotografin

Address: Nordstraße 1, 5301 Eugendorf, Austria

Welcome to Memories Photography - Made with LOVE, a highly-rated photography studio located at Nordstraße 1, 5301 Eugendorf, Austria. With a stellar 5-star rating and 66 glowing reviews, our customers have nothing but wonderful memories and praise to share. Our talented and passionate photographer, Irena, is known for her incredible attention to detail, patience, and sensitivity towards children, ensuring that every photo captures their true essence. At Memories Photography, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to creating unique and cherished memories that last a lifetime. Our clients repeatedly praise Irena for her dedication to making each session comfortable and enjoyable, while still producing stunning photographs that capture the heart and soul of their cherished little ones. Our cozy and inviting studio is the perfect setting for your photography experience, and you're sure to feel at home as soon as you step inside. We pride ourselves on offering regular promotions and always delivering exceptional value to our clients. Whether you're a returning customer or new to our studio, we look forward to creating beautiful memories together. Trust Memories Photography - Made with LOVE to preserve your most precious moments, and see for yourself why our clients keep coming back.

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One can only recommend the love Irena! She creates memories of your little darling which only exist once & responds indi...

Nadine Zeilinger

Irena really took her time for us, it's not always easy with a newborn (feeding, changing diapers, etc.). Great photogra...

Daniela Jonic

Irena is a very great photographer who is super sensitive to the children. Being a mom herself, she also has the patienc...


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#2 Lebensfotografen e.U.

Address: Gangsteigweg 3, 5081 Niederalm, Austria

Located in the picturesque town of Niederalm, Austria, this photography studio at Gangsteigweg 3 boasts a 3.9 rating with 19 reviews. Known for their work in kindergarten and school photography, they have received mixed reviews. Some clients highly recommend them, citing beautiful and dreamlike kindergarten photos, as well as professional and friendly demeanor of the photographer. The studio has been praised for being super organized and gentle towards children, ensuring stunning photographs. However, some clients had a less favorable experience, noting that the registration and ordering process can be awkward and confusing. Their work with class photos in the 2016/17 school year at HTL Salzburg received criticism for delayed uploading and incomplete listings of the students in their online portfolio, causing dissatisfaction among some clients. Despite these issues, the quality of the photos is generally deemed to be very good. The studio offers a variety of photography services, catering to the diverse needs of their clients in Niederalm and beyond.

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Thank you very much for the beautiful and great kindergarten photos! They are a dream...highly recommended LG

Edina Halilovic

This photo studio was responsible for the class photos at HTL Salzburg in the 2016/17 school year. This photo studio car...


The photos were fine though Only the registration and ordering process Were awkward The previous procedure for class pho...

Jürgen Ziegerhofer

#3 Bildzauber Berchtesgadener Land Fotografie

Address: Obersurheimer Str. 3, 83416 Saaldorf-Surheim, Germany

Welcome to Bildzauber Berchtesgadener Land – Fotografie mit Herz, a top-rated photography studio nestled in the picturesque region of Saaldorf-Surheim, Germany. With an impressive 5-star rating based on 12 glowing reviews, our studio, located at Obersurheimer Str. 3, 83416 Saaldorf-Surheim, is known for capturing authentic, vibrant, and professional images cherished by our clients. Our photographer Elli is famous for her exceptional skills in working with families and children, creating memorable experiences for all involved. Elli's dedicated commitment, ingenuity, and loving approach produce stunning group and individual photographs that clients adore, especially those taken in our beautiful outdoor garden. Clients repeatedly rave about Elli's ability to create a comfortable atmosphere and capture exquisite memories, whether it be for a wedding, a family shoot, or any special occasion. Bildzauber Berchtesgadener Land – Fotografie mit Herz guarantees a swift turnaround on processing and delivers high-quality photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime. Book your session today to experience the magic and heartfelt photography that is Bildzauber Berchtesgadener Land.

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We booked them to take a family photo as a gift and are sooo excited. With 2 x 2-year-old dwarfs, it's like catching a b...

Marianne Hager

We were accompanied by Elli throughout the day. It turned out great and beautiful photos. A nice reminder of our wedding...

Josef Mayr

It was a wonderful day ! Very nice photos ❤ you feel super comfortable... Eli does it in a very loving way... again imme...

Steffi Schriml

#4 Anna Haslauer Photography

Address: Anna Haslauer, Kasernenstraße 27/11, 5061 Elsbethen, Austria

Welcome to HOME - Anna Haslauer, a top-rated photography studio with a perfect 5-star rating and 11 glowing reviews, conveniently located at Kasernenstraße 27/11, 5061 Elsbethen, Austria. Our talented and experienced photographer, Anna, has a unique gift for capturing precious memories that last a lifetime. Clients praise her creative, flexible approach, ability to make them feel comfortable, and her keen eye for capturing the perfect moment. Specializing in wedding photography, Anna ensures each couple's special day is preserved in beautiful, detailed shots that reflect the joy and emotion of the occasion. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, she expertly navigates any weather conditions and provides stunning images that truly speak a thousand words. Our satisfied customers also appreciate the high-quality products that accompany their photographs, such as the wooden box, USB stick, and the memorable images themselves. They commend Anna's fair pricing, warm-hearted nature, and the professionalism that sets her apart in the industry. Choose HOME - Anna Haslauer for your photography needs and let Anna's exceptional skills help you hold on to your cherished memories forever.

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Simply GREAT! Anna accompanied our wedding last October and we were thrilled 🤩 not only did her photos turn out really...

Christian Haslauer

Anna captured one of the most important days for us, our wedding. We've both never felt so comfortable taking photos. Sh...

Kathrin Zippusch

Anna has a very special gift for capturing precious memories for eternity with her camera! In spite of the fact that eve...

Robert Strasser

#5 zuparino - Niko Zuparic

Address: Merianstraße 38, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Welcome to Zuparino - Werbefotograf Salzburg & Fotostudio, the premier photography studio in Salzburg, Austria. Our renowned photographer, Niko Zuparic, specializes in visual storytelling through commercial, portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photography. Located at Merianstraße 38, our studio boasts 5-star ratings with 10 outstanding reviews. Our spacious studio features high ceilings and a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for creativity and exploration. Equipped with high-quality professional equipment, we ensure that your photography experience with us is seamless and extraordinary. Niko Zuparic is praised for his exceptional professionalism, friendliness, and stunning results. His clients appreciate his ability to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment, as well as his top-notch price-performance ratio. Many satisfied customers have expressed their intentions to book Niko for future professional photoshoots. With extraordinary work, perfect performance, and a very open, honest, and friendly cooperation guaranteed, choose Zuparino - Werbefotograf Salzburg & Fotostudio for your next photography adventure. Don't just take our word for it, read the raving reviews from our happy clients and join the growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the best in photography with Niko Zuparic.

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Great atmosphere for creativity and exploration. Lot of space and high ceilings gives the place an airy feeling and a lo...

Deelia Jõgi

Super friendly photographer with a sensational outcome! 1. Top price-performance ratio. 2. Incredibly great atmosphere...

Katharina Felber

You can tell right away that Niko is an absolute professional in what he does and totally likeable at that. With his rel...

Julia Forster

Need your professional headshots today?

Professional headshots are essential. But getting the right one can be tough. HeadshotPro uses AI to generate over 120+ professional headshots for you or your team to choose from in minutes.

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  • From $29
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