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AI Team Headshots: Matching Headshots for the Entire Office

AI Team Headshots: Matching Headshots for the Entire Office

Attention everyone! Just a quick reminder that this coming Monday is office headshot day. Please dress "business formal" and if possible, we'd like everyone to wear a dark colored top for the sake of consistency when we upload all the photos to the company website.

Ah, photo day at the office.

As much as the pattern interrupt from day-to-day work can be a refreshing change, the amount of planning, coordination, man power, and money that gets sunk into generating 1 photo per person can make the whole thing an overwhelming endeavor.

At $50, this was the best money I have spent professionally. Turn around time was less than 2 hours... OMG! - Otto , HeadshotPro customer

A lot has to go right for a traditional office headshot photo shoot:

  • A professional corporate headshot photographer has to be vetted and scheduled beforehand.
  • Everybody has to be at the office, and be there at the right time to have their headshot taken.
  • But only after the photographer has set up all the lighting equipment, the backdrop, and calibrated the camera to your office.
  • One-by-one, everyone is called down to have their headshot taken. Lots of breaks to banter on the way there and back, of course.
  • Finally, the photographer goes home and you wait about a week for them to finalize the photos, make edits, and get the completed headshots back to you.

We're talking at least 10-15 minutes per employee, costing anywhere from $500-$2,000 for small businesses and up to $5,000+ for medium to large companies.

Your employees will love their professional headshots. But it's going to cost you in dollars and productivity.

Thankfully, there's a new modern alternative for getting your office headshots done.

Goodbye office headshots. There's an easier way now.

Professional AI generated headshots may not be the sexiest AI use case, but it sure has been useful to our growing customer base of nearly 45,000 happy HeadshotPro users.

Those aren't only individuals looking for LinkedIn headshots for their personal account either—our team headshots come in clutch for companies who want matching headshots for their entire team, without the hassle of dealing with a photo shoot at the office.

You own your team headshots.

Did you know this about photographers?

There's this weird thing where they only give you ownership of the photos that you buy from them. If they shoot 100 photos, and you only buy 10, that means they own 90 photos of you.

That's not the case with HeadshotPro. Whether we generate 40 headshots or 240 headshots for you, you own them all. We grant you full commercial license and ownership over your photos. Use them wherever and however you like—they're yours.

On top of that, our platform has been designed with user privacy in mind. After you upload your selfies, we only use them to train our AI model and generate your headshots. Your selfies will be deleted from our servers within 7 days after that job is fulfilled.

You can also instantly delete your data from our servers (at any time) on your own by hitting the delete button in your account dashboard.

The most efficient way to do group headshots

HeadshotPro has provided professional headshots to companies with as many as ~400 employees, for 5-6x cheaper than a traditional photoshoot, and in considerably less time.

Each business was left completely uninterrupted as we generated their professional headshots in the background. Nobody had to bail out of the flow of their usual workday—each employee uploaded their selfies to our platform on their own time and we handled the rest.

Ready to see how it works?

How to get staff headshots for your entire team

From creating your account to downloading your completed headshots, there are only a total of 4 steps you need to take as the manager or leader of your team.

Creating team headshots with HeadshotPro Create your organization

It takes 30 seconds to fill in basic details about your organization.

Choose the backdrop for your team's headshots Select a style

Choose the style of headshot that best represents your brand. Options range from traditional and formal to creative and modern.

Invite your team to generate their AI headshots with HeadshotPro Invite your team

Invite your colleagues to join your team and upload their selfies. You can easily send them an invitation email or share a link.

They upload their selfies

Once your colleagues have accepted the invitation, they can upload their selfies to the platform on their own time.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to generate brand new professional headshots for your entire team.

Why your team headshots shouldn't be AI generated

These are the most common objection you may hear when considering using an AI headshot generator like HeadshotPro for your company's headshot photos.

"They look AI generated"

AI headshots are created faster and cost less than a traditional photo shoot. If they also matched the quality of a headshot taken by a photographer, there wouldn't be many reasons left to consider a local photographer.

So, is it true?

Do do they clearly look like they were generated by AI?

It depends.

If you were to pull a random photo out of your package of 40/120/240 headshots, it's possible that you land on an average photo that mostly looks like you, but it's just not quite right.

Here's the truth: modern AI models are absolutely capable of creating lifelike headshots. The problem, today, lies in the consistency of that kind of output quality. Not every photo you receive will meet that 'lifelike' standard of quality.

Here at HeadshotPro, we guarantee that you'll get 3-6 incredible profile-worthy headshots in every order. You may encounter some lower quality photos, potentially with a few extra limbs or fingers, but we'll refund your purchase if you aren't also left with the 3-6 profile-worthy headshots you signed up for.

The examples below demonstrate just how high of a bar we've set. By making professional headshots our sole focus, we've reached a higher level of quality unattainable by newer AI companies who find themselves stretched thin, covering a wide variety of different AI photography types.

We do headshots. Only headshots. And we do them better than anybody. Take a look for yourself!

This is what AI team headshots look like

All the headshots shown on this page have been created by paying customers of HeadshotPro and shared with their permission.


We got a more polished headshot for our CMO. - Matt

Woman in green dress poses for headshot photo outdoors

Because your brand name is exactly what i was looking for, a professional headshot. - Sylvia

Bald man wearing suit poses for outdoor headshot

Received many quality images for $49. ** - Pat**

Man with silver glasses wearing blue button up shirt poses for headshot photo with library backdrop

Drastically improved my LinkedIn photos. - Andy

More professional team headshot examples

You can find more headshot examples generated by HeadshotPro on our headshot examples page. Ready to get your own AI headshots created? Visit our homepage and get started now.

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These photos are not real. All of them were created with our AI.