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How AI Helps Physicians Feel Better About Doctor Headshots

How AI Helps Physicians Feel Better About Doctor Headshots

The first impression a doctor makes on a potential patient goes a long way in determining whether or not there will be a repeat visit. In today's world, people are forming a first impressions about you before they even meet you, or step foot inside your practice.

Given that everybody you know has made a habit of making a couple Google searches before they make even the most trivial of purchases (what are the best black socks, anyway?), it's safe to assume that your name and practice are being looked up by each and every potential patient considering you as their doctor.

In 2023, your perceived reputation as a doctor is determined by the quality of your online presence.

  • Does your doctor headshot look professional and trustworthy?
  • What are your former patients saying about you online?
  • Are you putting in effort into your online presence, or are you only doing the bare minimum?

Patients rely on internet searches to help filter out doctors that don't appear professional, trustworthy, and competent. Whether doctors like it or not, curating a proper online presence has become a non-negotiable step to securing the trust of informed patients.

Looking for a quick win to level up your online presence that you can do yourself? Consider swapping out that generic headshot you took years ago with a modern doctor headshot generated by HeadshotPro. We'll explain why next!

Doctor posing for awkward headshot photo

The problem with old, awkward doctor headshots

There is too much on the line for doctors not to care about how their old, generic headshots are being interpreted. While elderly patients may not mind an awkward smile being forced in front of a early-2000's backdrop, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't recognize how that signals to younger patients that you could be out of touch.

Getting a new physician headshot done every year or so is a good habit to have. The term "catfished" is typically only used in the context of dating—but it's still mildly startling to notice a gap between someone's appearance in the real world and how they advertise themselves online.

Staying on top of little things like this are what separate doctors with strong internet presences and those who are being left behind, more and more each day. Even sometime as simple as a yearly scheduled photoshoot can be annoying to schedule, and that's only the first step in managing your online reputation.

That's also why AI generated headshots are gaining popularity among doctors. Let's talk about that now.

Modern doctor headshots, without leaving your home

If the last few sentences installed a lingering sense of scheduling anxiety deep inside you, you're not alone. Professional photo shoots can be an awkward event for those among us who don't wake up every morning feeling photogenic. Not to mention the hassle of breaking our schedule to stand in front of a camera and have awkward small talk with our wacky local photographer.

Let's just say there are better ways to spend a Sunday morning. We suspect this is why we've seen an increase of doctors using HeadshotPro to generate their professional headshots.

Professional woman poses for headshot photo

Didn't have to schedule an appointment or drive. - Erika, HeadshotPro customer

AI Headshots for Doctors

Modern headshots, without needing an appointment or even leaving the comfort of your home, ready to download just 2 hours after payment. How do you like the sound of that?

Our professional AI headshots look incredible because they pull your most photogenic qualities, pair them with consistently perfect lighting that a real photographer would kill for, and set the scene with a backdrop of your choosing.

Put another way, our AI-generated headshots give you the result you're looking for—studio quality headshots you can use professionally—without requiring any action on your end, outside of uploading 17-20 selfies we can use to create an AI model of you.

Our customers, which include a fair share of doctors, tell us they love our AI headshots because they don't have to worry about what to wear or how to pose. The fact that they cost 5-6x less than traditional photoshoot and you get the completed headshots 10x faster? That's a nice bonus, too.

Doctor Headshot Examples by HeadshotPro

Just so you know, every photo on our headshot examples page is a professional headshot generated for a real paying customer of HeadshotPro, shared with their permission.

Here are a few extra examples of doctor headshots we've generated for our customers. These customers may not all be doctors; their photos are being shown purely to demonstrate the quality of the headshots they received.

Woman poses for professional headshot

This saved me so much time and money in paying and orgainising a professional photographer. - Isi

Man wearing suit happy with his AI headshots

Rather than having to meet someone, I could simply upload my existing photos. - Kirk

Doctor posing for professional headshots

Was easily able to check getting photos off my list while doing other tasks. - Tiffani

Man wearing suit posing for headshot photo

I needed professional headshots that can be utilized in a variety of forums. - Ken

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