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Vina Muliana vmuliana

AI udah bisa bikin profesional headshot! Makin gilaaa 🤯🤯

KP thisiskp_

Announcing my Presidential nomination for 2024 My slogan? “Make America AI-friendly” 🇺🇸 My Vice President nominee? “ChatGPT” (h/t @dannypostmaa for his brilliant tool)

james james

This week I tried HeadshotPro by .@dannypostmaa. This is an #AI headshot photography service. I’m left very surprised and impressed by the results. Looking at them is shocking to know it’s not really me!

craigwhitaker qsjcraig

None of these pics exist. #headshotpro and #ai are insane.

Kristoffer Birkenes stkristobal
Nathan Kjer nathankjer

Just tried out #HeadshotPro by @dannypostmaa. Check out these fantastic results! 💯🔥

jack oldschoolJack22

#NewProfilePic thanks to headshotpro!! #headshotpro

Duyk duyk_me

But some of them is good enough. Its worth to try. Still not sure do people think it is real me but especially love 1st one, she is really cool 😂

kristin ides 🧁 kristinides

Obsessed. Better than IRL. (And just had headshots taken by a human, too.) Thanks @dannypostmaa! #headshotpro #ai 🤖

Gajus kuizinas

Sent my family a few photos generated using @dannypostmaa's HeadshotPro and they didn't pick up on the fact that they are AI generated... Not sure how to feel about this, but the future is going to be wild 🤯

Chris Riley; chrisriley.eth LCSlates

Wow. @dannypostmaa This was done with with below average photos. I just don’t have good photos of myself besides my one head shot. Haha. Can’t imagine the results with 20 really good photos. Well done.

Ben BenOnBlockchain

Just trialled @dannypostmaa’s & the results are awesome. They’re also very flattering lol!!

Dom McLaughlin lineh98

I've never had a professional headshot - let's just say I'm not the most photogenic person. I thought I'd give HeadshotPro by @dannypostmaa a try and it did not disappoint! I'm loving all these new AI tools.

Ruth Barrett RuthBarrettPR

Used the site. Some of the results are incredible.

Laura Bukavina LauraBukavinaMD

Used today ... some of these are alittle off 🤣 One currently in my profile worked great

ArneKuilman ArneKuilman

is quite awesome. Just make sure you upload an average hair (you want) #headshotpro #headshot #AI

Kim Iversen KimIversenShow

Damon Chen damengchen

Just tried 🔥 Looks like the job of a photographer might become a thing of the past soon!

Bill D'Alessandro BillDA

Need new headshots, but on a budget? Try one of the new AI portrait generators - the results will shock you. Neither of these are real photos of me. Photographers are in trouble.

Molly Owens mollmown

This is going to save me a lot of time going to different coffee shops

Danny Postma dannypostmaa

These headshots? Made entirely by AI. 😎 Introducing HeadshotPro: professional headshots for remote teams (or yourself). Details in the next tweets ↓

Niklas Salmoukas salmoukas

📸 Just had an amazing experience with #HeadshotPro by @dannypostmaa and @David_LoDico! 🚀 Their AI-photographer delivered stunning professional headshots in minutes, perfect for remote teams like ours. Check out the screenshot of the first experiment! 🤩🔥

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